Reynardo Etenia Wongso Hello!

Reynardo Etenia Wongso - About Me

Hello! My Name is Reynardo Etenia Wongso I am just an ordinary little kid, just trying to have some fun on the internet.

I do whatever I can do just to have fun, I usually shoot pictures on my free time even though it's not the best picture you can check it out if you want to Reynardo Etenia Wongso Unsplash Page or my Instagram Page @reynardoew

I’m not really an artist but I do have my song up on major stores like Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, and other you can check my artist page by searching my name “Reynardo Etenia Wongso” my voice really sucks tho I only do it for the lulz.

Check out my song “Ngai An Tienci”
Ngai An Tienci on Spotify
Ngai An Tienci on Youtube
Ngai An Tienci on Apple Music
Ngai An Tienci on Tidal Reynardo Etenia Wongso on Beatport

Check my Instagram filters! Instagram Profile at @reynardoew

My Expertise

I'm just a normal guy trying to do some computer stuff and photography, lately I've been trying to learn about AR and Machine Learning


I'm not that great in shooting photo but I will keep learning!


My main development languages are JavaScript, but I have worked with C#, Python, and more.